Coding in JavaScript in Bot Land

(note: I sum up most of this post in the video that I’ve created below)


The core gameplay mechanic of Bot Land™ is coding, so you may think that you have to be a programmer to play the game. However, one of our key tenets is to make Bot Land accessible to everyone—coders and non-coders alike! If you don’t know how to code, you can either use our visual interface, Blockly, or you can make use of Quick Scripts and Quick Snippets in JavaScript.

Quick Scripts are complete scripts that have been written for you, so you don’t need to understand a drop of JavaScript to be able to use them. You can load them up just like in the video, but you’re free to make any changes you’d like after that.

Quick Snippets are small blocks of code that you’ll find yourself using a lot (e.g. the “if (willLasersHit()) {fireLasers();}” code). They allow you to code without having to weed through documentation to find the API you want.

That’s it for now! If you want to check out the development recap video from last week, you can find it here:


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