Twitch and you

As promised, I started streaming last Tuesday. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I had a feeling it would be <10 people coming and going throughout the day.

What actually happened was this:

View count: 1028 viewers, 213 followers
1,028 views, 213 follows

And it’s all thanks to you! I streamed for ~25 hours over the course of three days this week and it’s overwhelming how much support I’ve already gotten! If the stream didn’t get any larger than this, I’d still be a happy camper. I owe you all a big, sincere “thank you” for dropping in. 😀

Being brand new to this, there were some hiccups: the Internet cut out multiple times, my fan was apparently very loud on Friday, I didn’t have the usual chat bots or social media set up, et cetera. I’m doing everything I can to provide an entertaining and informative stream (as well as a fun game of course!), so expect some improvements.

Regarding social media, I made a Facebook and a Twitter, and although they’re relatively bare now, there will hopefully be more content in the next few months. I connected Twitch to Twitter, so a tweet will go out automatically every time I start streaming. I’ve also set up a YouTube account where I can post recap videos from the last week. Here is the first recap video:

Note that the recap videos are separate from my past Twitch broadcasts; I don’t plan on just taking a piece of my broadcast and using it as a recap video.

Finally, a small bit a real-life business to mention: I am moving in a week and a half, which means I have a lot on my plate right now. I plan on keeping up my streaming schedule, but all that time has to come from somewhere, so I will probably only be posting development recap videos for the next few blog posts.